About Cloud Discovery

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud allows you to monitor the use of cloud services on managed devices running Windows and to block access to unwanted cloud services. Cloud Discovery tracks user access to these services through both browsers and desktop applications. This feature helps you to detect and halt the use of cloud services by shadow IT.

Cloud Discovery tracks user access to cloud services over unencrypted connections (for example, using the HTTP protocol). If you enable the Encrypted Connections Scan feature, Cloud Discovery also tracks access to cloud services over encrypted connections (for example, using the HTTPS protocol). You can also configure the list of trusted domains. The feature does not control or block encrypted connections made during visits to those domains.

You can start using the Cloud Discovery feature and select the security profiles for which you want to enable the feature. You can also enable or disable the feature separately in each security profile. You can block access to cloud services that you do not want users to access. If you no longer want to use the feature, you can stop using it and start again anytime.

The Cloud Discovery widget and the Cloud Discovery reports display information about attempts to gain access to cloud services. The feature gets information about the use of cloud services from all of the managed devices that are protected only by the security profiles that have the feature enabled.

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