Restoring files in the Quarantine and Backup copy categories

You can restore any files belonging to the Quarantine and Backup copy categories to their original folders.

You may need to restore a file in the following cases:

Restoring files from the Quarantine and Backup copy categories could lead to infection of the device.

To restore a file from the Quarantine and/or Backup copy category:

  1. Open Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console.
  2. Select the Quarantine section.

    The Quarantine section contains a list of files belonging to the following categories: Quarantine, Backup copy, and Unprocessed files.

  3. In the File category drop-down list, select a file category: Quarantine or Backup copy.
  4. In the list of files, select the check box next to the one that you want to restore.

    You can select the check boxes next to multiple files.

  5. Click the Restore button above the list of objects.

The file will be restored to its original folder on the device. After being restored, the file will not be shown in the Quarantine section in the list of files of the category to which it previously belonged.

If the original folder on the device contains a file with the same name as the file you want to restore, the file will not be restored.

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