Viewing the status of devices and users, statistics, and events

You can view the details of the current status of devices and users, summary statistics, and details of events in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud operation. This information is available on the tabs in the Information panel section of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console.

Monitoring tab

The Monitoring tab allows you to monitor security trends in your organization's network by providing you with a graphical display of information. The information is displayed as a set of widgets, presented as donut charts, tables, and graphs. The information displayed in widgets is not updated automatically. You can use the refresh feature of your browser to update the widgets.

Each widget contains information about all of the managed devices in your organization. Unless otherwise specified in the name of a widget, widgets show information from the last 30 days.

Some widgets have text information with links. You can view detailed information by clicking a link.

What you need to know about some of the widgets:

If you click a link in one of the widgets that display information about devices (for example, Protection status of devices), users (Users without devices), or vulnerabilities (Devices by severity level of vulnerabilities), the Management Console displays the list of devices, users, or vulnerabilities, respectively, with the information filtered according to your selection.

Event log tab

The Event log tab displays a list of events. This list contains columns with the following details:

The list of events is always sorted according to the time when the the event was registered in the event database. Both columns that give the date and time (Received and Registered) display the time of the device operating system on which the Management Console opens.

You can manage the display of events in the list by using the Event selection drop-down list. In the drop-down list, you can select one of the following event categories:

By default, the list shows objects from the Recent events over last 24 hours.

You can filter events according to severity level: Critical, Functional failure, Warning, or Info. To select events, click links with the severity levels.

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