About normalizing rules

Normalizing rules are used for transforming events. Normalizing rules are defined in the NormalizingRules element nested in the InputSettings > RegExps > Source elements of the Feed Service configuration file.

There are two types of normalizing rules:

Note that if the replacing rules and ignoring rules are set, replacing rules are applied first, and ignoring rules are applied next.

Adding regular expressions

Regular expressions can be added to the NormalizingRules/Ignore elements.

Adding regular expressions to the NormalizingRules/Ignore elements in the configuration file:


<Replace input="(&lt;\d+&gt;)" output="\n" />


If the input character sequence is in the format test_event_1 ip=<123>test_event_2 ip=, the modified sequence will be in two parts:

test_event_1 ip=

test_event_2 ip=

For more information about regular expressions, see section "About regular expressions".

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