Getting started

In order for Kaspersky Free to fully support browsers, the Kaspersky Protection extension has to be installed and enabled in browsers. Kaspersky Free uses the Kaspersky Protection extension to inject a script into traffic. The application uses this script to interact with the web page. The application protects data transmitted by the script using a digital signature. Kaspersky Free can embed the script without using the Kaspersky Protection extension.

Kaspersky Free signs data transmitted by the script using the installed anti-virus databases and requests to Kaspersky Security Network. The application sends requests to Kaspersky Security Network regardless of whether or not you accepted the terms of the Kaspersky Security Network Statement.

For the Windows 8 operating system

The Kaspersky Protection extension is installed in browsers during installation of Kaspersky Free if your computer is running the Windows 8 or older operating system.

After installing Kaspersky Free, you have to enable the Kaspersky Protection extension:

For the Windows 10 operating system

If your computer is running the Windows 10 operating system, you have to install the Kaspersky Protection extension in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser manually. You can proceed to installing the extension using the informational message in Notification Center.

Yandex Browser support

When using Yandex Browser, the following application components are operating:

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