Cloud Environment Configuration Wizard

To configure Kaspersky Security Center using this Wizard, you must have:

If you do not want to use cloud environment capabilities (if, for example, you want to manage protection of physical client devices only), you can close the Cloud Environment Configuration Wizard and run the standard Administration Server Quick Start Wizard manually.

The Cloud Environment Configuration Wizard starts automatically at the first connection to Administration Server through Administration Console if you are deploying Kaspersky Security Center from a ready-to-use image. You can also start the Cloud Environment Configuration Wizard manually at any time.

To start the Cloud Environment Configuration Wizard manually:

  1. In the console tree, select the Administration Server node.
  2. In the context menu of the node, select All TasksCloud Environment Configuration Wizard.

The average work session with this Wizard lasts about 15 minutes.

In this section

About the Cloud Environment Configuration Wizard

Step 1. Selecting the application activation method

Step 2. Selecting the cloud environment

Step 3. Authorization in the cloud environment

Step 4. Configuring synchronization with Cloud and choosing further actions

Step 5. Configuring Kaspersky Security Network

Step 6. Configuring email notifications

Step 7. Creating an initial protection configuration

Step 8. Selecting the action when the operating system must be restarted during installation

Step 9. Receiving updates by the Administration Server

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