Information about limitations of Kaspersky Security Center

The following table displays the limitations of the current version of Kaspersky Security Center.

Limitations of Kaspersky Security Center

Type of limitation


Maximum number of managed devices per Administration Server

100 000

Maximum number of devices with the Do not disconnect from the Administration Server check box selected


Maximum number of administration groups

10 000

Maximum number of events to store

45 000 000

Maximum number of policies


Maximum number of tasks


Maximum total number of Active Directory objects (organizational units (OUs) and accounts of users, devices, and security groups)

1 000 000

Maximum number of profiles in a policy


Maximum number of slave Administration Servers on a single master Administration Server


Maximum number of virtual Administration Servers


Maximum number of devices that a single distribution point can cover (distribution points can cover non-mobile devices only)

10 000

Maximum number of devices that may use a single connection gateway

10 000, including mobile devices

Maximum number of mobile devices per Administration Server

100 000 minus the number of stationary managed devices

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