Monitoring and reporting

This section describes monitoring and reporting capabilities in Kaspersky Security Center. These capabilities give you an overview of your infrastructure, protection statuses, and statistics.

After Kaspersky Security Center deployment or during the operation, you can configure the monitoring and reporting capabilities to best suit your needs.

In this section

Scenario: Monitoring and reporting

About types of monitoring and reporting

Event types

Using the dashboard

Adding widgets to the dashboard

Hiding a widget from the dashboard

Moving a widget on the dashboard

Changing the widget size or appearance

Changing widget settings

Using reports

Creating a report template

Viewing and editing report template properties

Exporting a report to a file

Generating and viewing a report

Creating a report delivery task

Deleting report templates

Using event selections

Creating an event selection

Editing an event selection

Starting an event selection

Viewing details of an event

Exporting events to a file

Viewing an object history from an event

Deleting events

Deleting event selections

Using notifications

Viewing onscreen notifications

Configuring the switching of device statuses

Configuring notification delivery

Setting the storage term for an event

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