Copying a policy profile

You can copy a policy profile to the current policy or to another, for example, if you want to have identical profiles for different policies. You can also use copying if you want to have two or more profiles that differ in only a small number of settings.

To copy a policy profile:

  1. Proceed to the list of the profiles of a policy that you want.

    The list of policy profiles appears. If the policy does not have profiles, an empty table appears.

  2. On the Policy profiles tab, select the policy profile that you want to copy.
  3. Click Copy.
  4. In the window that opens, select the policy to which you want to copy the profile.

    You can copy a policy profile to the same policy or to a policy that you specify.

  5. Click Copy.

The policy profile is copied to the policy that you selected. The newly copied profile gets the lowest priority. If you copy the profile to the same policy, the name of the newly copied profile will be expanded with the () index, for example: (1), (2).

Later, you can change the settings of the profile, including its name and its priority; the original policy profile will not be changed in this case.

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