Protection Deployment Wizard

To install Kaspersky Lab applications, you can use the Protection Deployment Wizard. The Protection Deployment Wizard allows remote installation of applications either through specially created installation packages or directly from a distribution package.

For proper operation of the remote installation task on a client device that does not have Network Agent installed, the following ports must be open: TCP 139 and 445; UDP 137 and 138. By default, these ports are open for all devices included in the domain. They are opened automatically by the remote installation preparation utility.

Protection Deployment Wizard performs the following actions:

In this section

Starting Protection Deployment Wizard

Step 1. Selecting the installation package

Step 2. Selecting a method for distribution of key or activation code

Step 3. Selecting Network Agent version

Step 4. Selecting devices

Step 5. Specifying the remote installation task settings

Step 6. Restart management

Step 7. Removing incompatible applications before installation

Step 8. Moving devices to Managed devices

Step 9. Selecting accounts to access devices

Step 10. Starting installation

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