Planning Kaspersky Security Center deployment

When planning the deployment of Kaspersky Security Center components on an organization's network, you must take into account the size and scope of the project; specifically, the following factors:

One Administration Server can support a maximum of 50,000 devices. If the total number of devices in an organization's network exceeds 50,000, multiple Administration Servers must be deployed by the MSPs and combined into a hierarchy for convenient centralized management.

Up to 500 virtual servers can be created on a single Administration Server, so an individual Administration Server is required for each 500 MSP clients.

At the stage of deployment planning, the assignment of the special certificate X.509 to the Administration Server must be considered. Assignment of the X.509 certificate to the Administration Server may be useful in the following cases (partial list):

See section Specifying the Administration Server certificate.

In this section:

Providing Internet access to the Administration Server

Kaspersky Security Center standard configuration

About update agents

Administration Server hierarchy

Virtual Administration Servers

Managing mobile devices with Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android

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