Network Agent Administration group

Interaction between the Administration Server and devices is performed by a component of Kaspersky Security Center named Network Agent. Network Agent must be installed on all devices on which Kaspersky Security Center is used to manage Kaspersky Lab applications.

Network Agent is installed to a device as a service with the following set of attributes:

A device, server, or workstation that has Network Agent and managed Kaspersky Lab applications installed is called the Administration Server client (also referred to as client device or device).

All devices in a corporate network can be subdivided into groups arranged in a hierarchical structure. Such groups are called administration groups. The hierarchy of administration groups is displayed in the console tree, in the Administration Server node.

An administration group (hereinafter also referred to as group) is a set of client devices combined on the basis of a specific trait for the purpose of managing the grouped devices as a single unit. All client devices within a group are configured to do the following:

A client device can be included in only one administration group.

You can create hierarchies for Servers and groups with any degree of nesting. A single hierarchy level can include slave and virtual Administration Servers, groups, and client devices.

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