Kaspersky Secure Connection overview

Kaspersky Secure Connection hides your real location and encrypts all data sent and received by your Mac. You can install Kaspersky Secure Connection on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices running Microsoft® Windows®, macOS, Android™, or iOS™. You can use Kaspersky Secure Connection for different types of network connections, for example, Wi-Fi, local internet connections, or USB modem connections.

Don't give up your privacy on the Internet

Public Wi-Fi networks may be under-protected, for example, if a Wi-Fi network uses a vulnerable encryption protocol. Kaspersky Secure Connection establishes an encrypted secure connection with websites that you visit so that no hackers can intercept your encrypted data.

Choose the optimal route to websites that you visit

When you use Kaspersky Secure Connection, you can select a VPN server location and appear to the Internet as a visitor from another country.

Let Kaspersky Secure Connection automatically protect unsecured connections

You can set the application to automatically turn Secure Connection on when you join unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

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