About the subscription

A subscription for Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway is a purchase order for the application with specific parameters (subscription expiration date, number of devices protected).

A subscription can be limited (for example, lasting one year) or unlimited (without an expiration date). To continue using Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway after a limited subscription expires, you need to renew it. An unlimited subscription is extended automatically if prepayment is made on time.

When a limited subscription expires, you may be provided a grace period for renewal. During this grace period, the program remains fully functional.

To use Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway based on a subscription, you must apply an activation code. After the activation code is applied, the active key is installed. The active key defines the license for using the program by subscription. An additional key can be installed only by using an activation code and cannot be installed using a key file.

Activation codes purchased by subscription cannot be used for activating earlier versions of Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway.

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