Using message processing rules

A message processing rule (hereinafter also "the rule") is a specific multitude of pairs of addresses of senders and recipients whose email messages are processed by Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway by applying the same values of settings. For a rule to be assigned to an email message, the addresses of the sender and recipient must be specified in the rule settings.

By default, the application contains the following preset message processing rules:

When processing an email message, Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway checks each rule for the sender-recipient pair of addresses beginning with the highest-priority rule (1). If no match is found, Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway checks the pair of addresses of the rule with the next highest priority (2). As soon as it finds the sender-recipient pair of addresses in any rule, the application applies the processing settings configured in that rule to the message.

If none of the rules contains the "sender - recipient" pair of addresses, the message is processed according to the preset settings of the Default rule.

For each rule, you can specify your own settings for processing email messages.

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