Updating Kaspersky Web Traffic Security databases

Databases of Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing modules (also referred to as simply "databases") are files containing records that enable detection of malicious code in objects being scanned. These records contain information about the control sections of malicious code and algorithms used for disinfecting objects that contain such threats.

Virus analysts at Kaspersky Lab detect hundreds of new threats every day, create records to identify them, and include them into a database update package (also referred to as an "update package"). An update package consists of one or more files containing records to identify threats that were detected since the previous update package was released. To minimize the risk of infecting the protected server, it is recommended to regularly obtain update packages.

During the license term, you can receive update packages by downloading them from the Kaspersky Lab website.

During installation, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security downloads the latest databases from one of the Kaspersky Lab update servers.

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Selecting the database update source

Configuring the database update schedule and settings

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