Editing and viewing an existing integration

You can view and edit settings of an existing integration in the Kaspersky Security Integration Tool for MSP window.


Editing an integration

To view and edit integration with ConnectWise Manage:

  1. At the top of the window, click the name of the integration whose settings you want to view or modify.
  2. In the Integration Settings window that opens, in the Select integration drop-down list select the required integration.
  3. Modify the following settings of the selected integration:
    • Integration name—Name of the selected integration. By default, the integration name is Integration with ConnectWise Manage. You can edit this field, however, it cannot be blank.

      For an integration with Kaspersky Business Hub, click the View integration ID link under the integration name to view the identifier of the integration. You may have to provide this ID to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

    • Public key—Public key generated by ConnectWise Manage. This field cannot be blank.
    • Private key—Private key generated by ConnectWise Manage. This field cannot be blank. The private key is available only at the time the key is created.

      ConnectWise Manage generates both public and private keys. For details on how to generate the keys, see section Setting up public and private keys in ConnectWise Manage.

      The Site and Company settings cannot be modified. If you have to change these settings, create a new integration.

  4. Click OK when you have finished editing the integration settings.

    The system validates the ConnectWise Manage integration settings. If the settings you provide are correct, they are saved and then used by Kaspersky Security Integration with ConnectWise Manage to gain access to ConnectWise Manage.

The integration with ConnectWise Manage is modified and saved.

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