Adding Kaspersky Business Hub companies to the integration

After an integration with Autotask is created, a window opens where you can add Kaspersky Business Hub companies to the integration. Kaspersky Business Hub companies are then mapped to the Autotask accounts.

You cannot add separate Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud workspaces or Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 workspaces to the integration. You can add only entire Kaspersky Business Hub companies. All workspaces created for a company in Kaspersky Business Hub are added to the integration.


Adding companies to the integration

To add Kaspersky Business Hub companies to the integration:

  1. In the window, which lists Kaspersky Business Hub companies, select the check boxes next to the existing companies to add them to the integration. Icons next to the name of each company show which workspaces are created for this company in Kaspersky Business Hub.

    If you want to add all companies to the integration, select the Select all check box.

  2. Click Proceed.

    You will now be able to map these companies to Autotask accounts.

Each Kaspersky Business Hub company can be added to one integration only. That is, if a company is added to an integration, it is not displayed in a list of companies available for another integration.

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