When configuring integration, you must specify the parameters of the Kaspersky Lab solution you integrate with (Kaspersky Security Center or Kaspersky Business Hub) and Autotask connection parameters. It is recommended that you check these parameters in advance in order to prepare for setting up integration.

Kaspersky Security Center parameters

Check the following parameters:

Kaspersky Business Hub parameters

Check the credentials of your Kaspersky Business Hub account: email address and password.

Autotask parameters

Credentials used to log in to Autotask: user name and password.

It is required to create and use a separate dedicated user with the API User security level rather than providing the credentials that you use to log in to Autotask. When creating the user, select Kaspersky Lab as an integration vendor. The created user can use only Kaspersky Security Integration.

The API User security level must be set as Not required to change password. Because the API User security level does not allow logging in through the user interface, it eliminates many security risks associated with using an integration.

To set the "Not required to change password" security level:

  1. In Autotask, select AdminFeatures & Settings, expand the Resources/Users node, and then click Resources/Users.
  2. Right-click a user name in the Resource Name column and select Edit Resource.
  3. In the Resource Management window that opens, select the Security tab, and in the Security Level drop-down list select API User (system).
  4. Click the Save & Close button.

Additional prerequisites

During the integration process, it is required to add virtual servers or companies to your integration. These virtual servers or companies are then mapped to Autotask accounts.

For each client company represented by an account in Autotask, create and assign a separate Kaspersky Security Center virtual server / Kaspersky Business Hub company prior to integration.

One-to-one mapping is supported, and therefore the number of virtual servers or companies must not exceed the number of your managed accounts.

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