Custom fields in Tigerpaw

Kaspersky Security Integration with Tigerpaw provides easy access to valuable integration-specific information on Tigerpaw accounts directly from the Tigerpaw GUI. You can view this information in the Account Details window by clicking the Custom Fields link in the Summary section, and use this information in Tigerpaw Matrix views.

The following custom fields are available for the Tigerpaw accounts in the Kaspersky custom category:

If you accidentally deleted the custom fields created by the integration, you can restore them by using the following workaround. However, this workaround works only the first time you save changes in parameter values after Kaspersky Security Integration Tool for MSP starts.

To restore the Kaspersky custom category and its fields:

  1. Start or restart Kaspersky Security Integration Tool for MSP.
  2. Change the value for any setting on any tab (Accounts, Service orders, or Price book items) to activate the Save changes button.
  3. Click the Save changes button.

    The Kaspersky section is displayed after you save changes to your integration.

  4. Set the parameter that you changed in step 2 to the original value, and then save your settings.

The Kaspersky custom category and its fields become available in each Tigerpaw account details window.

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