Service report

You can create a regular service report for a representative of a managed company. This report includes statistics on protection services provided to the client. You can view this report for the last 30 days and the last 7 days. Kaspersky Security Integration with ConnectWise Manage updates statistics daily.

A report can be built for a particular managed company linked to Kaspersky Security Center virtual server or Kaspersky Business Hub company, by using the standard ConnectWise Report Writer. The name of a service report configuration item in ConnectWise Manage contains the report period, the report starting date and ending date, and the name of the Kaspersky Security Center virtual server. (If you use Kaspersky Business Hub, the name of the Kaspersky Business Hub Company will not be included). If the name of a service report configuration item is more than 100 characters long, its length is reduced.

A generated report includes statistics on tickets processed during the report period and on the state of managed computers in the customer infrastructures.

A service report includes the following data:

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