Mapping companies and enabling automatic billing

Use the Companies tab in the Kaspersky Security Integration Tool for MSP window to set up and modify mapping between managed companies in ConnectWise Manage and virtual servers or companies in your Kaspersky solution. To set up mapping, companies must be created in ConnectWise Manage, while virtual servers must be added to Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server or companies must be created in Kaspersky Business Hub.

On the Companies tab, you can also enable automatic billing for your managed companies. This means that information about the number of license units for Kaspersky security applications provided during the current billing period can be updated regularly and automatically in ConnectWise Manage. Timely updating lets you prepare customer invoices more quickly and easily.

When you click the Companies tab, a list is displayed, showing virtual servers or companies and their corresponding ConnectWise Manage companies. You can add existing virtual servers or companies to the integration and map ConnectWise Manage companies to them. You can also delete mapping between a virtual server or company and its corresponding ConnectWise Manage company. In this case, neither the virtual server / company nor the ConnectWise Manage company is deleted; instead, the link between them is broken.


Mapping companies and enabling automatic billing

The following sections explain how to add or remove virtual servers or companies to / from the integration and how to configure automatic billing.

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Adding and removing virtual servers or companies

Setting up automatic billing

How automatic billing works

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