Adding administrators

When you add administrators to an integration, they have the same rights as existing administrators: they can administer Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud workspaces and Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 workspaces of all Kaspersky Business Hub companies bound to this integration and can manage the integration settings.

To add administrators:

  1. In the Kaspersky Security Integration Tool for MSP window, click the Administrators tab.
  2. Click the Add link to add administrators.
  3. In the Add administrators dialog box that opens, specify the email addresses and aliases associated with the Kaspersky accounts of the users that you want to add as new administrators. You can add several administrators at a time.
    • Use a semicolon to separate the email address and alias of an administrator.
    • Type the data for each administrator in a new line.

      Only users registered in Kaspersky Business Hub can be added to the integration.

  4. Click Next and check the data that you provided. If everything is correct, click Finish to add the administrators to the integration. If you want to change the information you provided, click Back.
  5. After you perform all the actions with administrators' accounts, click the Save changes button.

The new administrators are added to the integration and gain access to all workspaces within this integration.

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