Viewing companies not integrated with Kaspersky security applications

When configuring integration with ConnectWise Manage, it is useful to check whether all ConnectWise Manage companies are connected to Kaspersky Security Center virtual servers / Kaspersky Business Hub companies, or whether you accidentally skipped one or more companies. For this purpose, you can use ConnectWise Manage reports that allow you to display all existing companies together with the virtual servers or companies to which they are mapped.

Kaspersky Security Integration with ConnectWise Manage adds its own fields to the ConnectWise Manage configuration. You can use these fields in different custom reports. For example, using standard ConnectWise Manage functionality, you can select companies that are not integrated with Kaspersky Security Center or Kaspersky Business Hub—that is, the ConnectWise Manage companies that do not have a corresponding virtual server or company. Then, using filters, you can manually exclude from your selection the companies that do not use Kaspersky security applications.

To view ConnectWise Manage companies that are not mapped to virtual servers or companies:

  1. Log in to ConnectWise Manage with your credentials.
  2. In ConnectWise Manage, create a report, using ConnectWise Report Writer. Your report must include the following fields:
    • ConnectWise Manage company name.
    • Corresponding virtual server / company name.

    Refer to ConnectWise Manage documentation for details on creating reports.

  3. Filter your report data by the name of the virtual server or company.

    If the name of the virtual server or company is empty, the ConnectWise Manage company is not mapped to any virtual server or company.

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