Editing the general settings of Kaspersky Endpoint Security

The command kesl-control --set-app-settings sets the general settings of Kaspersky Endpoint Security using the command keys or imports the general settings of Kaspersky Endpoint Security from the specified configuration file.

You can use this command to edit the general settings of Kaspersky Endpoint Security:

  1. Save the general settings of Kaspersky Endpoint Security in the configuration file using the option --get-app-settings.
  2. Open the created configuration file, edit the necessary settings and save the changes.
  3. Import the settings from the configuration file to Kaspersky Endpoint Security using the option --set-app-settings. Kaspersky Endpoint Security will apply the new values of the settings after you stop and restart Kaspersky Endpoint Security using the options --stop-app and --start-app or using the option --restart-app.

Command syntax

kesl-control [-T] --set-app-settings --file <configuration file name>

kesl-control [-T] --set-app-settings <parameter name>=<parameter value> <parameter name>=<parameter value>

Arguments and keys

--file <name of configuration file>

Name of the configuration file whose settings will be imported into Kaspersky Endpoint Security; includes the full path to the file.


Import the general settings from the configuration file named /home/test/kav_сonfig.ini to Kaspersky Endpoint Security:

kesl-control --set-app-settings --file /home/test/kav_сonfig.ini

Set the low detalization level for the trace log:

kesl-control --set-app-settings TraceLevel=NotDetailed

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