Installing the Protection Server component

The Protection Server component is supplied as an SVM image. The Protection Server is installed by deploying an SVM on a hypervisor. Several SVMs can be deployed on one hypervisor. Recommendations on deploying SVMs on hypervisors are provided on the application page in the Knowledge Base.

While installing the Protection Server component, you can simultaneously specify several hypervisors on which SVMs will be deployed.

To install the Protection Server component:

  1. Start the Integration Server Management Console.
  2. In the Manage SVM section, click the Manage SVM button to start the SVM Management Wizard.
  3. Follow the wizard instructions.

In this section:

Selecting an action

Selecting hypervisors for SVM deployment

Selecting the SVM image

Specifying SVM settings

Configuring SVM network settings

Specifying Kaspersky Security Center connection settings

Creating the configuration password and the root account password

Starting SVM deployment

SVM deployment

Finishing SVM deployment

Completing installation of the Protection Server component

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