Actions taken by Kaspersky Safe Kids when monitoring your child's activity

You can give your child freedom in his or her activities on the computer or Internet. You can configure Kaspersky Safe Kids to show warnings to your child as Kaspersky Safe Kids monitors visited websites, opened applications, and time spent at the computer. Your child then decides what to do with the warning.

If your child ignores the warning, Kaspersky Safe Kids sends you a notification on My Kaspersky and to your smartphone or tablet with Kaspersky Safe Kids installed.

See sections Allow a website or an application on a child's request and Add computer time on a child's request to find more information about the actions Kaspersky Safe Kids takes if you select the Block options.

Safe Search

Also, you can control the Internet search results displayed for the selected child by enabling the Safe Search option on My Kaspersky or on your smartphone or tablet with Kaspersky Safe Kids installed. If your child searches something that belongs to the categories such as Adult, Alcohol, Drugs, Profanity, Racism, and Tobacco, Kaspersky Safe Kids defines this search request as forbidden, blocks it and displays a warning.

Kaspersky Safe Kids supports Safe Search in the following search engines: Google (including "Ok Google"), Bing,, Yandex, Yahoo! and YouTube.

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